Anergy is a supplier and manufacturer of High Temperature Pyrolysis waste to energy technology utilising a unique design of indirect rotary kiln as the core reactor, providing complete turnkey solutions for Megawatt scale renewable energy power plants. Anergy designs, manufactures, constructs, installs, commissions and operates its equipment and has over 25 years’ experience, supplying its technologies to over 45 countries globally.

High Temperature Pyrolysis is the process of heating waste material to temperatures greater than 700C with no air. Anergy’s technology allows this to be done with virtually any feedstock at a far smaller economic scale than conventional waste to energy technologies thus rendering ideal for typical project finance assignments.

Anergy currently owns several patents, with further patent applications under process, however, Anergy IP extends far beyond patent information as knowledge is derived from many years of experience which makes it almost impossible to replicate. Anergy is trademarked in Australia and Europe with a current application under process in India also.

As part of a joint strategy, OAK and Anergy have been working closely since 2010 on numerous projects around the world and in 2017 decided to co-form Anergy Middle East WLL in order to better serve the emerging market in the GCC making the Kingdom of Bahrain a base for the net export of Waste-to-Energy solutions.