OAK-COATTM Pipeline Protection Technology is a unique reinforced coating system originally developed and locally manufactured to provide protection to critical Down-Hole Production Tubing and Drill Casing infrastructure specifically for Work-Over & Wire-Line Operations Departments.

It was specifically designed to protect against extreme environmental conditions which would usually impede drilling activities across three key reservoirs within the Oil Fields of the Kingdom of Bahrain. OAK-COATTM provides full-turn-key protection engineered to withstand the rigours associated with Work-Over aggressive Rig management and operations, protecting against extreme down-hole MIC conditions.

OAK-COATTM provides lifetime protection against Carbon-Based Sulphides, hazardous acids and chemicals as well as subterranean liquids and gasses, such as NH3, H2S and H2CO3 and is able to withstand continuous high temperature exposure of up to 350 Deg F.