OAK-SEAL™ Pipeline Leak Arresting Technology is a multi-part Mechanical Sealing System which is designed to arrest pipeline leaks from 6” up to 48” diameter pipe. OAK-SEAL™ provides a rapid response solution to emergency situations and utilises a split-sleeve, clamp-style fitting designed to encapsulate and seal off localized pipeline leaks.

Torqued screw tensions are used to secure the customised hinged sleeves. Quick installation design makes use of hydraulic stud tensioners to tighten the body of the clamp and seal for a permanent, environmentally safe repair.

The leak zone is compressed with a custom designed vulcanised seal, embedded within the split-sleeves. Once the leak is arrested, OAK-SEAL™ then utilises an Epoxy based curing system to encapsulate the Mechanical Sealing System, therefore formulating a master-bond high performance rigid curing adhesive providing superior durability and enhanced structural strengthening properties.