The world’s energy mix is changing, which means it’s time to look towards affordable and renewable energy sources. OAK is focused on providing new and emerging markets with innovative solutions by converting Waste which is usually landfilled, into usable energy at Distribution level, involving the supply of Megawatt scale power plants at a location where the power is consumed and the feedstock is generated reducing transport and transmission losses . Traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels and nuclear power operate on the basis of large scale power plants with large distribution networks across wide areas. This trend is evolving with the increase in distributed power models. As a result, OAK has made significant investment into this sector with the incorporation of OVUS as a catalyst to serve the Ukrainian market with its Joint Venture Partner Varangian Ltd.

OVUS provides reliable energy solutions to an evolving market, providing a total solution from engineering and procurement to the construction of small to medium scale Renewable Energy Power Plants. Our technology is extremely flexible and capable of managing a wide range of feed stocks, producing a wide range of potential products. With leading edge technology in High Temperature Pyrolysis, Biochar, and Activated Carbon Manufacture, OVUS understands the complexities and requirements of our varied projects.

OVUS has commenced with the development of the Cherkasy Waste-to-Energy Project under a Government PPP, converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into Electricity.