OAK has strategic interest in aligning Project Investments to its service offerings of Engineering; Development and Management and maintains key relationships with Investment Partners who have interest and appetite for robust Government backed Renewable Energy, Clean-Tech Utilities and Infrastructure projects. OAK is able to leverage interest from either Banks; Private Equity Funds and High Networths, delivering expertise in debt and equity management as part of its integrated project service offering.

Given OAK’s focus on Renewable Energy Technology development and own IP Licensed and Patented Pipeline Coating systems, OAK is able to ensure a large degree of technical and operational direction over the performance of revenue generating assets, providing professional oversight throughout the entire development and asset deployment cycle.

OAK therefore seeks to maximize investment opportunities and financial returns available from its Project Development, managing and mitigating all typical risks from construction, commission to successful investment exit, whilst securing principal investment capital and annual returns from a Build-Own-Operate perspective around Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) with Industrial and / or Sovereign off-takers.

“Investment Placement and Investment Management into High Yield Assets”.