With over 50% of global Pipelines over 50 years old, OAK has made significant investment in to Pipeline rehabilitation technologies and Solutions which can perform comprehensive rehabilitation works, whilst the Pipeline is operating and in 2016 OAK was Crowned Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Award for Pipeline Rehabilitation Technology for its XHAB™ technology solution.

XHAB™ is a fully Automated Pipeline Repair Technology designed for pipeline application on on-shore and off-shore. This automated technology will reinstate corroded pipelines back to its original condition without disruption to operations. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of pipelines can occur whilst the pipeline is operating and without depressurization at a rate of up to 1.0km per day.

After a successful decade long of testing, pilot development and implementation in Mexico and the USA, OAK has now introduced XHAB™ to the GCC to compete with conventional Pipeline Replacement solutions. XHAB™ will deliver immediate capital savings to infrastructure construction and operations budgets for pipeline end-users and operators.